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ISBN : 81-86030-35-2
Price : Rs.450.00
Price : $30.00
Binding : HardBound
Pages : 280
Book Description :

Islam and Sufism are different from each other is evident from the fact that ever since the Sufis came in contact with the Muslims they have been waging a war against Islam. For instance, Afifuddin al-Tilimsani explicitly said that the whole Quran is polytheism. And the great Persian Sufi, Abu Sa’id Ibn Abil-Khayr declared:
“Not until every mosque beneath the sun
Lies ruined, will our holy work be done
And Never will true Musalman appear Till faith and infidelity are one.”
It is to be noted that in the opinion of Baba Garibh Shah the annual pilgrimage or the world conference of the Muslims at Mecca is not Hajj, it is the urs of Adam, the first Sufi. Says he, “The Sufis go to Mecca to participate in the annual urs of Pir-o-Murshid Adam. He is buried in the Kaaba. We go there for ziyarat and not to perform Hajj.”
Not only this, the entire Sufi ideology is different from the Muslim theology, if it is not wholly anti- and
Still, the Sufis claim to have inherited their doctrines directly from the teachings of the last Messenger, Muhammad, who, strictly speaking has given no dogmatic or mystical theology.
? Sufism ? The Concept of Mysticism ? The Concept of God ? Islam ? Quran ? Ruh and Nafs ? Wahdatal Wujud ? Wahdatal Shuhud ? Muhammad ? Remembrance ? Love ? Celibacy ? Desire for this World
? Hajj ? Destiny ? Paradise and Hell ? The Stages ? Miracles ? Revelation ? Hidden Knowledge ? Shatahat ? Hierarchy ? Piri-Muridi ? Majzubs ? Tomb Worship ? Sufi Poetry ? Sufi Orders ? Iqbal and Sufism ? Notes and References ? Bibliography

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