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The Deeper History Behind the September 11th Terrorist Attack on America
ISBN : 81-89233-02-5
Price : Rs.200.00
Price : $15.00
Binding : Paperback
Pages : 210
Book Description :

Also Available in Hardcover:
ISBN:81-87498-99-4; Price Rs. 400.00/US$ 30.00 [Shipping charges extra]
Why the terrorist attacks on America? The answer: plunder-by-trade. Though neither will acknowledge it, for 1,300 years Christians and Muslims have battled over control of the wealth-producing-process. The Christians won and defined the borders and rulers of
Muslim countries throughout the Middle East and Africa.
Where would America’s wealth be if Mexico controlled Texas and Oklahoma,
Japan controlled California, England the Northeast, Spain the Mississippi and the rest of the country was divided into small emirates?
Resource-wealthy nations are poor and resource-poor nations are wealthy because wealth appropriation increases or decreases exponentially as wage differentials increase or decrease. If one nation’s equally-productive labor is paid 20% that of the nation they trade with (a 5-times differential), they retain one unit of wealth while the well-paid nation retains 25 units of wealth (a 25-times differential). At a 10-times wage differential the
low-paid nation retains one unit of wealth while the well-paid nation retains 100 units of wealth (a 100-times differential).
Today’s massive military build-up is for the same purpose as the raiding parties sent out from the City-States of Europe 800 years ago — to control resources and the wealth-producing-process.
Terrorism will disappear if all have equal rights within the wealth-producing-process. Turning half the expenditures on arms towards world development, would alleviate world poverty in 10 years and develop the world to a sustainable level in 50 years.
If the developing world refuses to work those mines, cut those forests, pump that oil, drive those trucks, or load those ships, the powerful nations will have no choice except to negotiate in good faith for equality of trade.
Our laws evolved from aristocratic rights. We must abandon residual-feudal
exclusive title to nature’s wealth for a modern commons under democratic-cooperative-capitalism. That maximization of individual rights and competition would increase
economic efficiency equal to the invention of money, the printing press, and electricity. Utilizing only a part of that enormous potential efficiency is how the war-shattered
Germany and Japan, the Asian tigers, and now China developed.

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