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Jinn: who are they?
ISBN : 81-87498-43-9
Price : Rs.35.00
Price : $7.00
Binding : PaperBack
Pages : 47
Book Description :

There is a story and this is one way of telling it.
Meerut, May 3, 2001. It is 9.30 in the morning. I am sitting in my small rented apartment; my mother is sitting on the chair near by. As part of my research work on Jesus Christ I am taking down notes from ‘The Foolishness of God’ by J. Austin Baker. Just then the phone rings. My mother picks up the receiver. Brother Saim is on the line. He and I exchange pleasantries. We have a long discussion on the Quranic thought and how to take it to the masses. We both are concerned that many Islamic beliefs are still misunderstood. We should do something, is the common refrain. Ultimately, we decide that to begin with we should try to remove misconceptions about the Jinn. He suggests that I should write an original piece on the Jinn in the light of the Quran. I agree. Both of us say Allah Hafiz. The call is over. I take out the relevant books for reference from my shelf. I begin taking down notes so as to answer the important question:

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